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Name:Trigger Warning
Location:United States of America
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Community description:Providing warnings of objectionable content in mass media
SPOILER WARNING: this community will contain detailed spoilers for a variety of things. Read at your own risk.

The purpose of this community is to create a list of mass media texts that contain the type of content usually warned for in fan fiction, specifically violence against women and such.

While it can be argued that finding out details like these ruin the film or the book, for anyone trying to avoid confronting uncomfortable subjects which could be triggering for a painful past experience warnings are a must. In the realm of fan fiction authors routinely warn for rape or character death in their stories to protect the safe space of fandom. No such obligation exists for mass media, and let's face it, violence against women tends to crop up even in places it wouldn't be expected. Avoiding depictions of rape in popular culture is extremely difficult. Knowing what to avoid before you spend money on it would be a huge help.

A rules & guidelines post will be forthcoming soon.
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